carrot around the world

The carrot as heroine traveling around the world spreading the word about veggies and health is sighted in Pismo Beach California  may 2012. Follow her adventures here!

Carrot heroine sighted at Pismo Beach may 2012

Carrot Mob

There is a Carrot Flash Mob currently helping business become more green by bringing customers to their sites to encourage  them to make ecological changes.

Yahoo for Carrots in a mob or on your plate.

Fruit and Veggie Champion!


I was given an award as a fruits and Veggie- More Matters Champion. This was from the Produce for Better Health Foundation at their annual meeting in Monterey, California during the last weekend in March 2012


How to get your kids to eat veggies and not candy


I began teaching healthy cooking to children at the Boys and Girls Club on Page Street in San Francisco in January 2010. I would hold up a broccoli or an asparagus and kids would make faces and say things like yucky to give me their disapproval. I carried on in the face of the criticism. We would roast vegetables and when they were pulled out of the oven and ready to eat.. I discovered a miracle. The children ate them with such delight and joy and enthusiasm.. I thought I must have been cooking candy instead of vegetables. They would eat every last one of the vegetables in a matter of minutes and then beg for more. This was not what I expected.. it was as if the children were deficient and did not know it and NEEDED these vegetables more than we all knew.


Sweden: Wedding ring ‘found on carrot’ after 16 years

carrot from sweden


A Swedish woman has discovered her wedding ring on a carrot growing in her garden, 16 years after she lost it.

“She took the ring off to do some Christmas baking with her daughters, but it disappeared from the work surface where it had been left, she explained to Dagens Nyheter. The family searched everywhere and years later took up the tiling on the floor during renovations, in the hope of finding the ring. It was not until 16 years later when Mrs Paahlsson was pulling up carrots in her garden that she noticed one with the gold band fastened tightly around it. 

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